Practical matters


The module is led by Dr Colin Cotter and Dr David Ham.


This module is an accredited elective for third and fourth year mathematics and JMC undergraduates, and for the MSc in Applied Mathematics. Other Imperial students wishing to take the module should contact the lecturers in the first instance.

Assumed knowledge

The theory component of the module will assume only a familiarity with PDEs, vector calculus and basic undergraduate analysis. The implementation part of the module additionally assumes some ability to program in a high level language (for example Python, Matlab, Java, C or C++). The implementation will be in Python, a very high level and simple language with similarities to Matlab. Students who are not familiar with Python will need to acquire some familiarity with the language, for example by doing one of the suggested tutorials.


The theory part of the module will be assessed by an exam worth 50% of the module. The implementation part of the module will be assessed by submission of your working code implementing finite element in two dimensions. This will also be worth 50%

Submitting code for feedback

The assessment of your finite element implementation will occur in a single submission at the end of term. However feedback on your progress will be available during the term. Informal feedback will be available during the labs, and comments will be left on the feedback pull request for your implementation exercise after weeks 4 and 7.


All Department of Mathematics fourth year and masters courses must contain a mastery component. This part of the course is only for completion by those students: third year students are exempt.

The mastery component of this module will be the extension exercise to the implementation project and an additional question on the exam. This maintains the overall balance in the assessment between coursework and exam.


Important announcements and the coursework submission will be conducted via Blackboard. Please ensure you are enrolled in this module on Blackboard!